Meet Our Family

First Germ Responders is a family-owned enterprise based in Southwest Florida. We are dedicated to you and your loved ones

Whether you require commercial or residential disinfection services, we are here to help you. We are a family, and as a family, we care!

Meet our family, a group of dedicated hard-working folks that are going to take good care of your business or residential needs. 


Michael Murphy

Our Chief

Michael L. Murphy is the CEO and co-founder of Esmog Responders, LLC, a business incubator company designed to launch multiple leading-edge technology platforms and applications. First Germ Responders is his most recent launch of a disinfection company utilizing the best of electrostatic technology and applications in the war against pathogens such as the Covid-19 virus.

Mr. Murphy also participated as a Data Management director in a laboratory citrus study that required advanced skills/experience in study design, field implementation, data management, quality control, quality assurance, process documentation, data analysis, laboratory analyses, study report preparation, and study budget management. Mr. Murphy’s prior work includes holding the positions of CFO and CAO with a large hospital management company that solely partnered with physician owners in general acute-care hospitals.

He was responsible for the due diligence and project presentation resulting in the successful funding of equity and debt financing of over $121,000,000 and helped orchestrate the successful raise of $28,300,000 through syndications. Mr. Murphy was involved in overseeing the complete systemization of all project phases beginning with early development, syndication, project management, hospital start-up, and sustained hospital management.

Most recently he worked seven years as the CFO for a private, value-based limited partnership firm with assets under management of $100,000,000.

Mr. Murphy has professional training and degrees from Texas A&M University, Commerce, in Business Administration (M.B.A., B.P.A. – Summa Cum Laude)

Our Administrator

Ora S. Murphy

Ora S. Murphy is an actress, linguist, and book author whose career spans close to sixty years in the areas of the arts. Moreover, in 2009, she became the co-founder and President of eSmog-Responders™ International (ESRI), a research and development company, where she enjoyed a close collaboration with ESRI’s chief scientific officer, Walter Laufs, for close to fifteen years, as a translator, marketing strategist and assistant for Mr. Laufs and his proprietary adaptation technology.

As a Field Research Assistant to Mr. Laufs, Ms. Murphy has experience in study design, field implementation, data management, quality control, quality assurance, process documentation, data analysis, laboratory analyses, and study report preparation. 

Ms. Murphy’s prior work includes business management skills for her then company, Credence Publications GSA, in Germany, Europe, as well as management and fund-raising skills for laboratory and clinical research.

Ora Murphy has professional training in acting and business management.


Ayalah E Silva

Our Sales & Marketing Lady

Ayalah E Silva graduated from the European School Munich, Germany, with a European Baccalaureate. As a result of her international upbringing and education, she is fluent in English, French, German, and Hebrew. In addition, she has a good command of Spanish and Portuguese.

Ms. E Silva's background includes the hospitality industry, where she has experience in both restaurant management and event-venue proprietorship.

On the entrepreneurial side, Ms. E Silva is also the owner of a successful bijouterie featuring her original designs and handmade jewelry.

Our Operating Officer

Paulo de Tarso Jr.

Paulo de Tarso Jr. earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Universidade Anhanguera de Piracicaba, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Mr. de Tarso Jr.'s prior work includes both financial and marketing management for Mérieux NutriSciences, Brazil. Moreover, owing to his strong leadership skills, he was involved in the organization, training, and supervision of staff members.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. de Tarso Jr. has experience in the set-up of multiple successful enterprises overseas